Candidate profile


1) A Godly Man

  • Testimony of personal conversion to Christ
  • Evidence of growth (since conversion) as a disciple-making man
  • Heart for the Lost
  • Confident witness to the centrality of the church in God’s plan
  • Biblical understanding of the church
  • Ministry experience in the life of the church
  • Teachable
  • Humble

2) A Proven Leader of Leaders

  • Demonstrated ability to build and motivate a team
  • Proven capacity to cast vision and accomplish it
  • Effective & Winsome Communicator
  • Able to oversee the whole
  • At ease with godly risk, entrepreneurial
  • Catalytic

3) A Family Man

  • Supportive and committed spouse, who believes her husband is called to plant
  • Supportive and happy family

4) A Healthy and Financially Stable Man

  • Physical, mental, and emotional balance
  • Firm commitment to principles of biblical stewardship
  • History of financial stability & responsibility

5) A Called Man

  • A clear call to Church Planting
  • A vision of how God wants him to do it
  • A Man with a Place or a People in His Heart