Residency Overview


Anglican Associates announces its second Church Planting Residency, to be based principally in Little Rock, Ark., and designed to provide a select cohort of leaders with the highest quality leadership training, preparatory to planting high impact churches in North American cities and regions and to “the ends of the earth.” Training will be provided by seasoned and effective church planters, established and effective church planting coaches, and mature and effective Christian business leaders. The training will draw on the best examples and involve leaders and congregations from throughout North America. The men selected for the CPR will be leaders of leaders, and will have a proven track record of effective ministry in the church or the marketplace. The CPR will involve a three-day “residence” (generally every other week) twelve times over the seven months between September and March. Normally this will involve being present on a Tuesday afternoon and finishing after lunch on a Thursday. Those selected will be chosen based on the following qualifications:


Calling: Their call to Christ Jesus and witness of their conversion.

Character: They have the characteristics of NT elders.

Competence: They have demonstrated that they are effective leaders.

Commitment: They have an unmistakable call to Church Planting.

Residency Selections

Those selected will receive a monthly stipend, their books and materials, and a travel allowance (to cover travel to Little Rock and selected other training sites). By God’s grace, AAI seeks to begin a multi-year training cycle with this CPR that will :

1) Provide an annual best practice “training year” for high impact church planters;

2) Build a network of alumni who will support and assist this ongoing ministry; and

3) Contribute to the growing movement of churches raising up church planters.

Residency Application